About Us

Who We Are

Delaware International Agriculture Enterprise Ltd (DIAEL) denotes our unyielding commitment to stand, and work collectively to harness our absolute potential.

Founded in 2020 Delaware International Agriculture Enterprise Ltd was officially incorporated in the State of Delaware equipped with a strategic mandate to provide exceptional Import/Export Produce solutions to Sub-Saharan and East Africa and other emerging markets. Founded on the goals of providing Service Integrity, Ethical Business Practices, and built on the fundamental principles of providing a superior level of Import Solutions, through a relentless pursuit of our core values. Delaware International Agriculture Enterprise Ltd (DIAEL) will be uniquely positioned to create sustainable impacts in Sub-Saharan Africa in food production and distribution in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Delaware International Agriculture Enterprise Ltd (DIAEL) firmly believes the sustained implementation of exceptional, high standards in quality. The delivery of produce, in combination with our commitment to our support to Farmers, will create, win, win for them, our partners and the consumers’ markets.Start a conversation with us. 

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Economic Building, People Building, Community Building

We’re all about supporting farmers, their families, and the Communities where they live and work. We believe when the world collective can see the full process of how food gets from farm to table, we can unite to support our food producers. When farmers thrive, we will create a healthier ecosystem that supports food sustainability for the world’s growing popul​ation.

Core Values and Principles

High Ethics and Integrity:

In the Delivery of Agriculture Produce Services, Practices, and Solutions. Delaware International Agriculture Enterprise Ltd. (DIAEL) stands by our beliefs that High ethics in the relationship with farmers and producers will be our critical differentiator within the marketplace. Our competitive advantage is our direct communication and effective coordination in maintaining sustainable positive relationships with farmers and buyers worldwide.


Delaware International Agriculture Enterprise Ltd. (DIAEL): Building a sustainable commitment to our Strategic Partnerships. The growth and synergy of our company rests upon the foundational principle of continually maintaining strong partnerships for the long term. Focusing on long term growth helps to create a domino effect for our firm and partners catalyzing economic opportunities in the International markets we serve. We believe that the global emerging markets are growing at a pace that will cause our farmers to increasingly capture a disproportionate share of world economic demand and output. Developing and strengthening partnerships will serve to advance our brand and presence in these global emerging markets.


Putting Farmers, Their Families, and Their Communities First.This strong relationship-driven practice and ideology are at the core of our delivery. We are relentless in our pursuit of our vision for excellence in the delivery of service to our clients. This process of fostering strong bilateral relationships with farmers on the ground throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and East Africa will propel our efforts to develop surrounding community opportunities for the citizenry in these emerging countries.

Innovative, Aggregate, Connecting Resource, Succeed

Innovative Technology

Delaware International Agriculture Enterprise Ltd (DIAEL) is driven to aggregate Farmers, Capital Power, and ideas together to help our clients and the communities we serve.

Farmers Support Ecosystem

Delaware International Agriculture Enterprise Ltd (DIAEL) seeks to develop strong relationships with the world’s most important survival asset producers, supplying food to the world.

Networking Power

Delaware International Agriculture Enterprise Ltd (DIAEL) seeks to aggregate farmers to increase efficiencies across all segments of the agricultural value chain.

Connecting Resource

We build partnerships to catalyze Community Development, Insights, Investors, Transport Commodities, and Media relations.