Mountain of the Sun Coffee

Mountain of the Sun Coffee, is premium Arabica coffee sourced from both our farm located on the slopes of Wanale range and other select farmers in the high altitude areas of Buginyanya, Bududa, Buwasyu, Budadiri and Namisindwa, all located 2,000 plus meters above sea level on Mt. Elgon.

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Who We Are

Our Vision

To be a Company that converts agri-business related challenges into opportunities while nurturing the environment and improving the livelihood of our stakeholders.

Our Mission

To contribute to growing and producing quality Arabica coffee in the Mt. Elgon region of Eastern Uganda

Our Values

Integrity; we engage in honest business.
Be innovative; with care for human nature and mother nature.
Deliver value for money.

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Our Coffee Brand

Testimonials about Mountain of the Sun Coffee

Our Coffee

Coffee Plantations

We cultivate Arabica coffee on the volcanic loam soils of Mt. Elgon in the east of Uganda at altitudes ranging from 2,228m/7,310ft to 4,000m/14,177 ft above sea level. Our plantations are located in Mooni village, Mbale district and in Buwasu, Namisindwa district. However, we also source coffee from other small holder farmers from Bududa and Badadiri sub-regions too.

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Converting agri-business related challenges into opportunities