Arabica Coffee

We grow and trade in Arabica coffee cultivated in the volcanic loam soils of Mt. Elgon in eastern Uganda

We grow Arabica coffee on the volcanic soils of Mt. Elgon in Mooni parish, Bungokho Division, Mbale District (Elevation: 1,289 meters/4229 feet) and in Buwasyu parish, District, Namisindwa District (Elevation: 1,560 meters/5,118.11 feet). 

We specifically plant UCDA approved seedlings sourced from NARO centres that are suitable for the Mt. Elgon soils. To enhance fertility of our soils and quality yield of our coffee, we use organic manure from our piggery, rabbits and cows. 

We have set ourselves very high post-harvest management standards to ensure our coffees meet international standards. 

Mooni Mixed Farm can now avail you/the market with Premium Green coffee, Naturals and Roasted packaged coffee depending on your preference.

Cash Tree Ltd, is thus designed as an intensive, innovative, agribusiness venture tailor-made to be self sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Converting agri-business related challenges into opportunities