Specialty Roasted Coffee

Our Specialty Coffee is processed from the highest quality of our single-sourced coffee beans, either from our coffee plantation on Wanale slopes or from a specific/single farmer in the high altitude areas of Mt. Elgon mentioned above. This coffee is guaranteed to give you an 85% above cap-score and a very well balanced smooth taste of coffee when prepared. 


Our Coffee

Coffee Plantations

We cultivate Arabica coffee on the volcanic loam soils of Mt. Elgon in the east of Uganda at altitudes ranging from 2,228m/7,310ft to 4,000m/14,177 ft above sea level. Our plantations are located in Mooni village, Mbale district and in Buwasu, Namisindwa district. However, we also source coffee from other small holder farmers from Bududa and Buginyanya sub-regions.


To ensure that we deliver on large customer orders and maintain international standards of coffee, we work with select farmer associations both from the Bugisu/Mt. Elgon region; like; Bugisu Cooporative Union (BCU),  NUCAFE who facilitate adherence to international coffee standards particularly during processing 

Sustaining Quality

From the plantation level all the way to the final form a customer requirs, we follow internationally set standards with guidance from specialists at the various levels, who guide and manage our production process so that we deliver quality coffee to you 


Our coffee is majorly from our farms located in both Mooni village, Mbale district and Buwasu, Namisindwa district. Our other sources are specific farmers from Buganda (for Robusta) and the high altitude areas of Buginyanya, Budduda, Namisindwa, and Budadiiri, with whom we continue building relationships. Our records on batch produced per season systematically stored to enable proper traceability..   

What kind of Coffee can you buy from us?

  • Specialty Coffee: Arabica specialty coffee from the various regions of Bugisu/Mt. Elgon; for instance Bududa, Bulambuli, Buginyanya, Bungokho, Namisindwa, Kapachorwa, etc
  • Commercial Coffee: We sale well sorted commercial grade coffee from the same Mt. Elgon region depending on the requirements of our customer
  • Naturals/Honey Processed Coffee: We do produce natural coffee/naturals as per our customer requirements
  • Green Beans: We do sale green beans either as graded or none graded coffee depending on your desire
  • Roasted Coffee: We do also process roasted and ground coffee for our customers who are interested

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